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For all of those important things you just have to know, Sneer and Teirot will keep them here! If you see a new post here, you know you need to check it out. Ignorance is no excuse.

11 33 Ranny to the Rescue!
by Aldo512
May 19, 2013 21:58:08 GMT -6
No New Posts Information

Whether you're new to Victory Seekers or just need a brush up on something, this is the place to look. Everything you need to know, from rules, to plot, to battle mechanics can be found here. And if you're still confused? Just ask.

14 29 Character Affinities
by Catilena1890
Feb 25, 2013 22:11:34 GMT -6
No New Posts Open Discussion

Feel free to post just about anything in here. Questions, suggestions, gossip, squeal about the latest books or movies. Whatever you like! Just as long as it doesn't break ProBoards' ToS, anything is fair game. Speaking of games, start a few! This forum is Guest Friendly.

22 40 Character History Requirements
by Catilena1890
May 10, 2013 15:37:54 GMT -6
No New Posts S.S. Battelle

All of your character needs are held within. There is a trading station for IC transactions as well as game console trades if you so desire. The Out of Character shop is here, as well as a place for you to practice your battling, racing, and contest appeals without it having any effect on your character's story.

Sub-boards: Trade Station, Cartridge Trades, Practice Arena

16 38 Pre-Moving Test Thread
by Catilena1890
May 6, 2013 12:59:02 GMT -6
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All old posts can be found here. Board clearing will happen periodically, and all threads with no posts for over a month will automatically be moved here. Finished threads will also be moved here. You're welcome to browse through Varaia's history, but this is a Read Only forum.

Sub-boards: Labs, Gyms, Contests, Breeding, Races, Battle Club, Swarms, OOC, Graveyard, Trades

502 5,148 Want some mons?
by Bayhound
Feb 22, 2013 21:45:51 GMT -6
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We all do it, so here's your place. Advertise to your heart's desire. There are two subforums, one for affiliates and one for ads. Please let us know in the title if this is a First post [F] or a Link Back [LB]. Any posts not marked will be assumed first and a responding ad will be placed on your site. If you post in the main forum, we'll assume you don't want to affiliate, so don't expect your banner to show up in our list. This forum is Guest Friendly.

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167 177 Dalibor Weyr
by Digitalis
Aug 2, 2015 20:04:33 GMT -6

The Journey Begins

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No New Posts Dust Town

As it's name might suggest, Dust Town is little more than a spot on the map. However, it is a very important location, for it's the home of Professor Conifer, and the starting point for all beginning Pokemon enthusiasts.

Sub-board: Route 801

35 614 sound appearence
by Etherea Aureos
May 16, 2013 13:07:59 GMT -6
No New Posts Gustella Town

A quiet little town just north of Dust Town, Gustella is the first stop on any journey. The local Gym and Breeding Center specialize in flying type Pokemon, and normal type Pokemon seem to favor this area.

Sub-boards: Gustella Gym, Route 802

30 495 Skyclad
by Skyler Wing
May 7, 2013 19:03:01 GMT -6
No New Posts Torrentia City

This is a large city floating in the middle of Varaia Region's largest lake. The Gym Field is in the center of the city, where the moorings fall away to leave a lake withing a lake. Naturally, the Gym and Breeding Center specialize in water types, and the same can be found in abundance in the wild.

Sub-boards: Torrentia Gym, Route 803

17 232 Alone means single. Not company.
by Sylvia
Feb 8, 2013 21:57:28 GMT -6
No New Posts Quakita City

Famous for the Mines that are located just outside of the city limits, Quakita's residents are always battle ready. It hosts Varaia's Battle Club, as well as the Mining Museum. The local Gym and Breeding Center specialize in rock types.

Sub-boards: Quakita Gym, Mines and Museum, Battle Club #1, Route 804

18 310 Icy Retribution
by Gerald Finch
Feb 16, 2013 4:40:08 GMT -6

The Next Chapter

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No New Posts Droughtenna City

Arguably one of the hottest places in Varaia, Droughteena has very little green vegetation and is a favorite of the fire type. Despite the scorching heat, this is a bustling metropolis that boasts the largest shopping center in the region. The Gym and Breeding Center specialize in fire types.

Sub-boards: Droughtenna Gym, Marketplace, Mirage Desert

16 76 5th Floor, Beyond the Pokemon World
by krypt
Feb 16, 2013 15:31:06 GMT -6
No New Posts Sandstra Town

While Droughtenna may be the hottest, Sandstra is definitely driest. It is situated right in the middle of Mirage Desert. Most buildings in the area are one story, and it's not at all unusual to find wild pokemon lounging in the shade they put off. Sandstra hosts Varaia's second Battle Club, and it's Gym and Breeding Centers specialize in ground types.

Sub-boards: Sandstra Gym, Battle Club #2, Route 805

9 174 Rawr. Angry growl.
by Sylvia
Mar 2, 2013 16:29:11 GMT -6
No New Posts Abyss of Legends

Few humans linger in this place, and always leave in black spirits. This is a deep trench surrounded by the only trees in the area, an oasis amidst the desert. Here is where Pokemon, mostly legendary, come at the end of their lives. In an effort to keep unwanted trespassers at bay, a lone Duskull leads several groups of dark and ghosts types.

Sub-boards: The Abyss, Route 806

3 62 A grand ol' time with friends HAHA.
by Sylvia
May 10, 2013 22:51:00 GMT -6

The End is Near

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No New Posts Thundera Town

Things get more challenging from here on out, is what most people would say. Thundera is a rather futuristic place that relies heavily on electricity to run their intricate gizmos and gadgets. They've found various ways to manipulate the resource, and all the static seems to have attracted electric types, especially those that need to recharge. The Gym and Breeding Center specialize in electric types, naturally.

Sub-boards: Thundera Gym, Route 807

4 14 A new time, a new place. Friends, forever.
by Sylvia
May 17, 2013 21:09:54 GMT -6
No New Posts Tornadra City

This is not a place to venture into lightly. The city itself is rather run down and dingy, inhabited by rag tag groups and gangs. Even the Pokemon Center seems to live in shades of gray. Perhaps the only good thing about the place is that it hosts another Battle Club, and what better a way to learn to never underestimate anyone? The Gym and Breeding Center specialize in Steel types, and they along with fighting types inhabit the area.

Sub-boards: Tornadra Gym, Battle Club #3, Route 808

3 9 Orah
by Orah & Hunter
Nov 3, 2012 18:23:42 GMT -6
No New Posts Blizzara Village

Temperatures take a severe dip the closer you get to this close packed little town. The path might have been a beautiful plain, if it weren't covered in snow and ice. There are often harsh snowfalls, and the only safe path is the trench that has been dug through the drifts. Most buildings in the area are igloos, with the Gym being the biggest. Naturally, the Gym and Breeding Center specialize in ice types.

Sub-boards: Blizzara Gym, Route 809

3 9 Frio
by Frio & Krister
Nov 3, 2012 18:37:55 GMT -6

The Path to Choose

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No New Posts Hurricana City

The path divides, and now trainers must choose. One of three Gyms holds the eighth badge and fourth mark for breeders. A perilous trek greats those trainers brave enough to venture into this remote place. Deep within the heart of a mountain, one must pass through a pitch black tunnel and over a perilous rope bridge to reach the gigantic cave that houses Hurricana. The residents live a more primitive lifestyle, with homes and buildings dug deep into the cavern walls. Dragon types are native, and a bit unfriendly to anyone who isn't a resident. The Gym is situated in the middle of the bowl, and specializes in these temperamental pokemon.

Sub-boards: Hurricana Gym, Route 810, Route 812

4 10 Wyrlia
by Wyrlia & Nestor
Nov 3, 2012 18:52:24 GMT -6
No New Posts Tsuna Town

This is the second option for those seeking their last achievement. Tsuna is situated in the heart of a dense forest, permeated with winding footpaths that more often than not dead end miles from the town. Only those who live here truly know their way through the path labyrinth, and it's really more luck than skill for outsiders to reach town's safety. Should you be lucky enough to find your way through,you'll find the fourth and final Battle Club hiding amongst the leaves. The local Gym is in the hollowed out trunk of a massive tree, and as the surroundings might suggest, grass types prevail.

Sub-boards: Tsuna Gym, Route 811, Route 812

4 10 Floren
by Floren & Zanner
Nov 4, 2012 14:03:08 GMT -6
No New Posts Ecli City

The last of the three options, Ecli is perhaps the easiest to reach. At least, in the physical sense. The challenge here is the deep, inky black mist that covers most of the area surrounding the city and the city itself. The mist is said to bring one's darkest fears to life when it touches you, and dark types thrive in it's depths, laying in wait to play tricks on their unsuspecting victims. Strange tales about about the Gym leader of these dark types, as no one has ever seen his face.

Sub-boards: Ecli Gym, Route 812

3 9 Z__
by Z & Xavier
Nov 3, 2012 18:56:25 GMT -6

Light of Auroras

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Pokemon League Stadium

The final hurdle for all Pokemon trainers, the Pokemon League lies at the south edge of the Light of Auroras. It is said to be blessed by the Pokemon of the Towers, for the snow that covers the rest of the land never falls upon the stadium. The Ho-Oh of Legend lights the Ceremonial Torch at the beginning of each tournament, and the Lugia of Legend puts out the flame to signal each tournament's end.

1 1 Varaia Champion Topaz
by Catilena1890
Dec 20, 2011 3:34:06 GMT -6
No New Posts Grand Festival Grounds

Sitting at the western side of the Light of Auroras, the Festival grounds are watched over by the Weather Trio of Legend. The terrain here is ever changing, as the Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza fight a friendly battle of skill. They also seem to be rather fond of the beauty battles that take place here, for they are always on hand to change things to the coordinator's whims while they compete.

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No New Posts Paradisia Breeding Center

By far the largest area in the Light of Auroras, the breeding center takes up the north side as well as the center. This is where all breeders take their final certification test, and boasts pokemon of all types. It is guarded over jealously by all legendary pokemon, for they often leave their eggs here to be tended by the Head Breeder and those skilled and lucky enough to be asked to assist her.

Sub-boards: Paradisia Gardens, Paradisia Gate and Lobby, Exam Room, Kennels, Paradisia Living Quarters

1 7 Sneer
by Sneer
Nov 4, 2012 14:35:00 GMT -6
No New Posts Varaia Grand Prix

The eastern area of the Light of Auroras is taken up be a large race track, the envy of all Varaia's Racers. Most of the year it stands empty, but when the time of the final races rolls around, the Tao Trio of Legend always attends. They seem to find the excitement of racing rather addicting, and each year Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem each create a special trophy for those skilled enough to place in this most challenging of races.

Sub-boards: Coaching Championship, Jockey Championship

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